Act Now Against Cipro! The FDA is Ready!

Clueless Doctors & Scientists

Cipro is only one killer of many in the fuoroquinolone class antibiotics!

As some of you may know, I have filed at the FDA a Citizen’s Petition again the antibiotic drug class fluoroquinolones, the most frequently prescribed antibiotics today. I started my attack with Cipro as guilty #1 since that is what nearly everyone gets and the number of people getting sick from Cipro is staggering. Cipro is now also understood to be the cause of the Gulf War Syndrome since soldiers were mandated to take it every day against anthrax in the field.

Many people have been permanently injured–some even have committed suicide. I am a firm believer that fibromyalgia is yet one more of the diseases we may be able to point to this class of drugs. The citizen petition docket is still open.

I just received a letter from the FDA stating that the matter is so complex that they…

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